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Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Licensing

IT pros have demanded a suite of resources to help them better manage, view and share information, and Microsoft has answered with SharePoint Server 2013. The advanced Business Connectivity Services, Business Intelligence and eDiscovery functionality built into the new edition of SharePoint.

An expansive list of features improves a wide array of processes and also adds support for apps and connections to other servers and business connectivity platforms. IT pros will find it easier than ever to work with information from multiple data sources and share it with others across multiple platforms and devices. Key features include:

Business Intelligence
The inclusion of new business intelligence applications, like PowerPivot, PowerView and Dashboard Designer, serve to improve organization and enhances efficiency and performance.

eDiscovery Tools
Users can keep their data and their business protected via the eDiscovery tools and functions that enable users to perform search queries across multiple servers. eDiscovery provides the ability to save and share content while at the same time still enabling further editing.

Collaboration & Content
SharePoint Server 2013 offers users new collaboration features, like community sites and portals as well as user profiles, that improve administration and management tasks across the organization.

IT pros who develop web content will also find improvements that facilitate authoring and publishing of site content. Additionally, new design features make it easier to develop both public-facing Internet sites and internal-facing intranet sites, with minimal experience required.

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