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Waytek Managed IT Services

403techWaytek is a premium IT managed service provider offering vertical expertise in such fields as healthcare, government, and education. With 20+ years of experience, Waytek brings solutions that enhance productivity, efficiency and security.

Since 1992, Waytek has proven itself as a premier managed IT service provider and a trusted business partner to over a thousand customers in both the SMB and Enterprise marketplace. Service, consistency, professionalism and security are the cornerstones of their business. Waytek’s business philosophy is built around accountability and on earning the trust of their clients. They go to great lengths to align ourselves with our clients so that we can clearly understand their business challenges. As a result, by maintaining our clients perspective, we can work together to solve complex business problems as true partners.

Waytek offers the solutions, products and services that their customers require so that they can rely on a single provider for critical system implementation and integration along with a host of supporting products. Each of Waytek’s clients know that they will receive consistency and excellence at every turn and that Waytek brings both the depth and breadth of knowledge needed for today’s ever-changing technology environments.

Waytek proudly serves businesses in its local community of South Jersey and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania along with a broad network of companies across North America. For a full list of IT support services or to get more information, please check out Waytek’s website or contact [email protected].

Client Testimonials

“As we continue to grow, we need a superior IT system that will grow with us, which is why we chose Waytek as our IT partner!”

“Our business prides itself on making the client our number one priority and we were looking for an IT provider that shared our philosophy. We found it in Waytek.
I would highly recommend them to anyone. We are extremely happy with the decision we made to go with Waytek.” Admin Partners, LLC

Contact Information

Phone: 1-800-792-4385
Email: [email protected]