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White Label Cloud Services

Offering cloud services to your clients is a fantastic way to generate new monthly recurring revenue. Our white label cloud services are designed for IT providers that want to offer the benefits of the cloud to their clients without investing in their own infrastructure. As an AwesomeCloud partner, you’ll have the opportunity offer a full line of cloud services including cloud infrastructure, business continuity, and software licensing.

Cloud InfrastructureCloud Infrastructure
Secure, scalable Microsoft-driven cloud solutions are a fantastic way for you to replace your clients’ one-time capital investments with smaller, manageable monthly recurring charges. You can deploy public, private, and hybrid clouds to your clients. Read More…

Business ContinuityBusiness Continuity
Provide each of your clients with peace of mind when you secure their mission critical data in the cloud. You can offer everything from enterprise-grade high availability solutions for larger clients to basic online backup solutions for smaller clients. Read More…

Software Licensing for ResellersSoftware Licensing
With licensing through Microsoft’s SPLA program, you can offer comprehensive end-to-end cloud-based solutions to each of your clients. All of the latest Microsoft/Windows applications are available, including Exchange, SharePoint, Lync, SQL, Office, and more. Read More…

All of the white label cloud services provided by AwesomeCloud can be branded with your logo, colors, and slogans. When you offer cloud services through our reseller program, you’ll maintain a direct relationship with each of your clients while building your brand’s awareness.

Resell White Label Cloud Services

Partner with AwesomeCloud and resell white label cloud computing services to grow your Managed Services business. Contact us by phone at 855.2.THECLOUD, by email at [email protected], or by filling out a quick contact form.