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3 Reasons to Offer Cloud Services to Your Clients

As a managed services provider, you’re challenged with the daily demands of providing solutions to your clients, each of whom undoubtedly has very specific needs that you spent a great deal of energy learning. Your clients rely on you to deploy and maintain technology solutions that support their daily operations, and they expect you to do so at a reasonable cost.

Thanks to cloud technology, you have an alternative to offering costly on-premise solutions to your clients. By leveraging white label cloud computing services from AwesomeCloud, you’ll generate new revenue while helping your clients benefit from the following:

Improved Business Agility
AwesomeCloud’s platform enables your clients to spend more time on their strategic visions and less time managing on-premise technology. With AwesomeCloud, you’ll avoid investigating, deploying, and maintaining on-premise technology.

Reduced IT Expenses
Instead of advising clients to invest in expensive on-premise solutions resulting in unused IT capacity, you can offer AwesomeCloud’s infrastructure and expertise to your clients at a predictable monthly cost based on their usage.

Enterprise-Grade Security
AwesomeCloud’s enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure keeps your clients’ data safe from both physical and technological threats at Verizon Terremark’s NAP of the Americas data center. An array of security measures are in place, including Firewalling, IPS, Anti-DDOS, and many others.

There are more benefits to moving your clients’ IT resources to the cloud, such as improved network stability and on-demand services. However, the three mentioned above are generally the most important to organizations that are considering a move to the cloud.

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