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Posts by: Joe Romano

Why you need a disaster recovery plan

It's a typical Monday morning. You're on your way to your office when an emergency announcement interrupts the local news program. An explosion has decimated a dry cleaning establishment near your business. Police have cordoned off a one-block radius and all traffic is being rerouted. As you get closer, you see that all your office windows have exploded and fire… read more >>

What can Cloud Services do for Your Business

There are a growing number of cloud services available to business these days and it can be difficult to know which ones are worth investing in. There are three general cloud services that are especially helpful to business owners. These are: Cloud Servers Cloud servers provide a unique way to host webpages. By use a group of linked servers, called a cluster,… read more >>

When disaster strikes, what is YOUR plan for business continuity?

Information Week has recently published research revealing the giant cost of digital down time: nearly $26.5 billion in lost revenue for businesses in North America and Europe. That is a figure that hits every sector of our economy - and no one is immune to it.  "Of the 200 companies surveyed, small enterprises lost, on average, more than $55,000 in… read more >>