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Grow Your Managed Services Business by Offering Cloud Computing

Awesome Cloud’s Channel Partner Program is a partnership between your organization and Awesome Cloud, which enables your organization to offer cloud computing services to your clients without the large capital expenses associated with building your own cloud. As an Awesome Cloud Channel Partner, you’ll offer Windows-driven cloud services, including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions to meet your clients’ evolving needs.

We work exclusively with IT organizations interested in offering white label cloud services as part of their product line to capitalize on cloud computing’s growth. Here’s how we can help you do grow your business.

We partner with your organization to deliver customized solutions for each of your clients

We are often asked, “what’s the difference between a Channel Partner and a Cloud Reseller?” The answer is surprisingly simple. Channel Partners develop a working relationship with their Cloud Services Provider. Cloud Resellers, on the other hand, generally have a transactional relationship with their Cloud Services Provider, and their conversations tend to start off with “what is your account number?” If you’re looking for personal service and an account team who understands how your organization operates, you’re looking for a Channel Partner Program.

We deliver 100% white label services based on 15 years of solid experience

We are the white label cloud services division of Boca Raton, FL – based Applied Innovations. Since 1999, we have been a leader in the hosted IT and web services market. Our infrastructure, services and reputation can help you offer scalable, secure white label cloud services to each of your client’s.

We enable you to expand your products and services with cloud computing

Awesome Cloud is a 100-percent, channel partner-only business. By leveraging Microsoft technology and Terremark’s NAP of the Americas data center, we deliver each of your client’s with access to a robust, deeply secure and highly available cloud infrastructure with 99.99% guaranteed uptime. Today, more than 10,000 customers and 25,000 domains are part of the Applied Innovations family along with Awesome Cloud Services.

We offer more than access to infrastructure and IT support

Yes, these are the essentials of hosted services. But, that’s just the beginning. As a channel partner, you keep complete control of your customer relationships and branding. It’s our job to help these relationships flourish by offering a raft of marketing, sales and technical resources. If you’re interested in having a website content created or graphics designed, let us know!

Cloud computing offers our partners a fantastic opportunity. With our secure infrastructure, services, tools and processes, you can help your each of your client’s grow their business while you grow and thrive in the cloud-based services industry. To learn more about white label cloud services, please get in touch via phone (855.2.THECLOUD), email ([email protected]), or by filing out our brief online form.

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