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Software Licensing (SaaS) For Resellers

Acquiring and maintaining the software licenses for each piece of software required to run a business is extremely time-consuming. Time spent installing copies of packaged software, patching software, and investigating software upgrade benefits is time spent away from your clients’ strategic visions. Cloud-based software licensing is helping to make software more affordable to purchase and less time consuming to maintain. Because software is purchased through a pay-as-you-go pricing model, you can offer each of your clients an affordable monthly payment rather than a large up-front cost associated with packaged software.

Microsoft SPLA Microsoft SPLA Licensing
Offer the latest productivity and collaboration software through the Microsoft SPLA program to free up their time to focus on their core competencies. Partners can leverage SPLA to offer a full range of Microsoft products. Read More…

Microsoft Licensing Double-Take Licensing by Vision Solutions®
Double-Take software licensing is available for your clients’ online backup, business continuity, and disaster recovery needs. With high availability solutions available via Availability® and backup through RecoverNOW™, you can provide peace-of-mind to your clients. Read More…

Offer Microsoft & Double-Take Licensing

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