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Cloud Resellers Enjoy Straightforward, Transparent Pricing

The AwesomeCloud Partnership Program offers straightforward, transparent pricing to each of our partners. Our pricing was built with the understanding that our partners often build their cloud services client base from scratch, which is why you only pay for the services that you resell to your clients. Our straightforward pricing also enables you to offer predictable monthly forecasting to your clients with unlimited bandwidth, annual discounts, and the ability to purchase incremental computing resources.

No Bandwidth Fees! Free Inbound and Outbound Data Transfer
With unlimited bandwidth, you can offer the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing that you will never be receive an overage bill. You can pass this along to your client as an added-value that enables your clients to accurately forecast their expenses.

Pay-As-You-Go Pricing
We understand many companies are hesitant about making the move to the cloud. With that in mind, you can offer pay-as-you-go pricing to each of your clients. This gives you the freedom to court anxious clients with a low-risk opportunity to test out cloud computing.

No Startup Fees & No Recurring Fees
There are no startup fees, monthly fees, hidden fees, minimum spends, or additional bandwidth charges associated our Cloud Reseller Program. You only pay for the cloud services that you resell to your clients.

Annual Discounts
Do you have a client who wants to make a long-term investment in the cloud? If so, we offer annual discounts for cloud services that are purchased on an annual basis. You can pass along cost savings to your client as a lower price point or an opportunity to offer added services.

Incremental Cloud ServicesIncremental Cloud Services
You’ll always have the flexibility to offer the specific cloud services that are the best fit for each of your clients. Purchase the specific computing resources (CPU/RAM/HDD) to meet their seasonal demands and unique business needs.

If you’re interested in receiving a pricing quote for a cloud-based solution, we are happy to provide you with a quote. Please contact us with the desired specifications (CPU/RAM/HDD) and we’ll get a quote over to you. To learn more about becoming a cloud reseller, please get in touch via phone (855.2.THECLOUD), email, or by filing out our brief online form.