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Double-Take Availability®

As part of AwesomeCloud’s suite of Disaster Recovery solutions, Double-Take Availability provides you with the tools to offer High Availability Online Backup for your client’s data and application. Availability protects your clients’ reputation and profitability by providing immediate recovery from any system outage. With real-time data replication, Availability continuously captures data to ensure that if there ever a disaster, you can provide each of your clients with up-to-date access to their data.

Quick Setup and Continuous Protection
By automating the setup and configuration of real-time protection and availability management for data sets, business-critical applications, and full system states through advanced management features, you can quickly deploy disaster recovery solutions.

Any-to-Any Protection
Modern data centers employ a combination of physical, virtual, private cloud, and public cloud platforms. Availability provides technologies that work within and across these diverse computing platforms to provide enterprise-grade protection, regardless of the hardware your client uses.

Real-Time Replication
Patented, real-time, asynchronous, byte-level replication ensures that you’re offering each of your clients the highest level of protection. Unlike snapshot-based replication solutions or store-and-forward solutions, Availability replicates data immediately and continuously.

Near-Zero Downtime During Migrations
Take the risk out of migrations by automatically reproducing your client’s entire production environment on a new cloud, virtual or physical hardware platform, avoiding most of the complexities that cause migration projects to fail.

Offer Double-Take Licensing

Partner with AwesomeCloud and offer Double-Take Availability licensing as part of a High Availability Online Backup solution to grow your managed services business. Contact us by phone at 855.2.THECLOUD, by email at [email protected], or by filling out a quick contact form.