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Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Licensing

Efficient access and sharing of information is the key component of any successful business endeavor, and Microsoft SQL Server 2012 licensing is the tool that ensures information is readily available to the people who need it, when they need it. Taking full advantage of the cloud and offered in various models specifically designed to meet the specific needs of all types of users, SQL Server 2012 is an essential business solution that offers reliability, consistency and a wide host of features that enables a business to grow and transform to meet the changing business landscape.

SQL Server 2012 is also designed to offer many more advantages than other database products currently on the market by providing users with a comprehensive package that covers a full spectrum of business intelligence functions. With more powerful reporting features, improved analysis capabilities, excellent data management functions, and the ability to completely integrate the program with Microsoft Office, there simply is no other comparable product.

All in all, this new edition of SQL Server is powerful, intuitive, and grants users much more control, improving functionality and efficiency. The platform is a complete data warehousing system that understands exactly what businesses and IT professionals need in order to share, save, write and protect data.

Help Your Clients Meet the Changing Business Landscape with Microsoft SQL Server 2012

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