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Online Portal / Control Panel for Channel Partners

Online Portal / Control Panel for Channel Partners

By | April 15, 2013

As we continue through 2013, improving your experience with the Awesome Cloud platform remains our highest priority. A survey of our Channel Partners revealed that one of their top 2012 requests was an integrated Online Portal / Control Panel designed to handle everyday tasks. At the beginning of 2013 we began developing an Online Portal that our Channel Partners can use to access, and make changes to, their cloud resources. Keep reading to learn more about the Online Portal’s development, release date, and training materials.

Online Portal Development

We are happy to report that the Online Portal is nearly complete and will be released in Q4 2013. It will include functionality designed to help you spend more of your time growing your Managed Services business, including list management, quoting, provisioning, billing, and SSL Certificate management.

  1. List Management: You will be able to create a database of your clients and client contacts to help you easily organize important information. You will also have the ability to house and modify historical quotes within client profiles.
  2. Quoting Engine: A fully functional quoting engine will be available to streamline your operations. You will have the option to export your quotes as an Excel or PDF file.
  3. Provisioning: You will be able to provision cloud services in order to more rapidly deploy deliverables to your clients. The following infrastructure and services will be available for online provisioning:
    • Virtual Machines: Starting, Stopping, Rebooting, Upgrading, Downgrading, and Remote Access.
    • Network Solutions: Firewalls, VLANs, Remote Access, Site-to-Site VPN, IP Addresses, Stats, Power Controls, and Resource Management.
    • Microsoft Licensing: Software Licensing Management through SPLA, Product Keys, and ISO files.
    • Disaster Recovery: Software Licensing, Repository Management, VM Management, High Availability, and Hybrid Solutions.

    Note: Provisioning will be queued for approval by the Awesome Cloud team.

  4. Billing: We are integrating your Online Billing Portal, WHCMS, into your new Online Portal to reduce the time you spend moving between multiple online portals.
  5. SSL Certificate Management: You will be able to store your SSL certificates in one location, submit requests for additional certificates, and upload your own certificates.


Online Portal Training and Tutorials

As part of the Online Portal launch, we are publishing a series of guides and tutorials on Awesome Channel Partners can expect to receive a series of “Awesome Cloud Portal 101” emails documenting how to perform Online Portal functions, including list management, quoting, provisioning, billing, and SSL Certificate management.

For more information about the Awesome Cloud Online Portal, please drop us a line or post a comment below. You can also follow us on Twitter by using the @awecloud handle. Stay tuned for more information about the upcoming Online Portal.

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As Chief Systems Architect, Wayne Lansdowne is responsible for the entire Awesome Cloud Services infrastructure and performance. With over 10 years of experience at the company, Wayne has filled many roles and truly knows the in-and-outs of the business. He started out focused on customer support and progressed into more specialized roles throughout the years.