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Cloud Services Pricing for Resellers

Cloud Services Pricing for Resellers

By | April 22, 2013

This is the fourth of five blog posts dedicated to the ‘Big 5′ Initiatives that Awesome Cloud is rolling out in 2013. This blog post focuses on Channel Partner pricing in 2013. If you’re already bracing for bad news, relax. Awesome Cloud’s pricing structure is not changing.

The decision to maintain Awesome Cloud’s pricing structure came as a result of a survey we conducted with many of our Channel Partners at the end of 2012. As expected, pricing was one of the most commonly discussed topics. We learned that our Channel Partners don’t want to be locked into a discrete pricing plan. To be clear, a “discrete pricing plan” broadly refers to pre-packaged small/medium/large pricing buckets that are offered by many cloud service providers. Discrete pricing plans were not a part of our pricing structure in 2012, nor will they be part of our pricing structure in 2013.

You can continue to purchase cloud computing resources in the specific increments you need in order to meet your clients’ needs. This enables you to continue offering specific pricing quotes to your clients, accurately forecast your expenses, and maintain the fantastic margins to which you are accustomed, all while delivering secure, scalable cloud computing services.

For more information about Channel Partner pricing, please call 503.267.8408. You can also follow us on Twitter by using the @awecloud handle.

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Jason is responsible for ensuring that each of our partners have the materials they need to offer cloud services to their clients. If you’re a partner and you’re interested in materials to help you better offer cloud services to your clients, drop Jason a line at 561-948-4046.