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Virtual Routing Security Upgrades

Virtual Routing Security Upgrades

By | October 10, 2013

Juniper Virtual RoutingThe AwesomeCloud Services network has been evolving for over a decade as part of the Applied Innovation family, using every available device, concept and approach to achieve the objectives of a solid hosting provider: uptime, low latency, and security. We recently rolled out our latest upgrade – virtual routing – which is a new tool we’re using to ensure the cloud services you resell to your clients are always secure and always available.

By leveraging datacenter-class hardware from Juniper Networks, we have deployed a next-generation, virtual-routing network foundation that allows us to quickly, easily and reliably transfer data between multiple redundant points in new ways. The result is a virtualized network infrastructure that is more adaptable and flexible than ever before. Virtual routing also provides the flexibility to bring on multiple security vendors as the latest security products are released.

This allows us to deploy multi-layered security for the entire AwesomeCloud network and provide the flexibility of multiple security vendors for client-hosted firewalls. Because we’re routing data between multiple points and security devices, you’ll be offering an enhanced level of security and availability to your clients as a member of our Cloud Reseller Program.

We have also doubled our Internet connectivity out of the NAP of the Americas. Previously, we had 2 Gbps of Internet connections, but only 1 Gbps at a time in a fail-over model. With our new virtual-routing network foundation in place, we are utilizing both Gigabit Internet connections simultaneously in what is often referred to as an “active-active” configuration. By deploying virtual routing with Internet connectivity upgrades, we can more easily fend off distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks by filtering the bad guys off into their own bucket and away from your clients’ data.

If you’re interested in learning more about our recent network upgrades or you would just like to chat, reach out via email or by posting a comment below.

About Dan Farrell

As Director of Network Operations, Dan Farrell is responsible for management of security and uptime of the Awesome Cloud Services network. A network engineer by trade, Dan serves a range of functions at Awesome Cloud. He maintains the policies and procedures related to network operations, as well as engaging with clients to resolve individual security needs. He also maintains the Awesome Cloud Services data center infrastructure, including physical maintenance and monitoring.