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Simplifying Cloud Workload Deployments

Simplifying Cloud Workload Deployments

By | April 16, 2013

This is the third of five blog posts dedicated to the ‘Big 5′ Initiatives that Awesome Cloud is rolling out in 2013. This blog post focuses on the tools that Awesome Cloud is leveraging to improve cloud workload deployments for our Channel Partners, including Windows Server 2012, Hyper-V, and System Center 2012.

Our focus on leveraging new tools from Microsoft in order to help our Channel Partners deploy workloads to the cloud came as a result of a survey we conducted at the end of 2012. The goal of the survey was to gather partner feedback that we could translate into product improvements in 2013. Those product improvements are aimed at helping your Managed Services business grow by simplifying usability and providing additional cloud services that you can offer to your clients.

Cloud Workload Deployments

Our Channel Partners shared a list of the most common business workloads they are planning to deploy to the cloud. Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery and Hosted Desktop / VDI were at the top of more than a few deployment lists.

There are new tools available from Microsoft that make the above cloud deployments easier to execute, simpler to manage, and far more profitable to offer to your clients. By integrating Windows Server 2012, Hyper-V, and System Center 2012 into the Awesome Cloud platform, we’re simplifying your cloud deployments and helping you to grow your Managed Service business.

  • Windows Server 2012 makes deploying workloads to the cloud, including Virtual Desktop, Hosted Desktop and even virtualized applications easier than ever.
  • Hyper-V, Microsoft’s virtualization software, enables you to virtualize your clients’ on-premise workloads and then offer Disaster Recover solutions without additional licensing costs..
  • System Center 2012 improves back-end processes by simplifying provisioning, increasing automation, and enabling infrastructure management.

Windows Server 2012, Hyper-V, and System Center 2012 are launching in Q3 and Q4 2013 to make your cloud deployments easier to execute, simpler to manage and more profitable.

We’re also planning to utilize service templates, which will allow you to provision with a single click multi-tiered solutions composed of multiple virtual servers and switches. You’ll be able to create your own customized service templates later in 2013.


For more information about how the Awesome Cloud team is improving cloud workload deployments, please drop us a line or post a comment below. You can also follow us on Twitter by using the @awecloud handle.

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