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Sales Guide: Selling Cloud Services to Your Clients

Sales Guide: Selling Cloud Services to Your Clients

By | August 14, 2013

As a channel partner dedicated cloud services provider, our entire business model is built on cloud resellers, like yourself, successfully offering cloud services to your clients. One of the most common questions that our partners post to us after joining our partnership program is “How Do I Sell Cloud Computing?” It’s a perfectly valid question and something we’re spending a great deal of time to address in the following months with a series of sales guides designed to help you improve your sales pitch and land new clients. Click here to read the full article.

This blog post provides a brief overview of our Sales Guide – “How to Sell Cloud Computing Services to your Clients.” While by no means and definitive or exhaustive guide to selling cloud services, we believe this is a great first step for our partners to leverage as a way to improve their sales pitch.

Within this handy guide, we cover six basic components to improve your sales pitch, important items to cover, what to let the customer know about the system, and how to end the presentation on a strong note that will encourage your prospective clients to trust you as their cloud services provider.

  1. Explaining the Fundamentals of Cloud Computing
  2. Relating Cloud Computing with Analogies
  3. Identifying Organizational Benefits of Cloud Computing
  4. Overcoming Objections to Cloud Computing
  5. Recommending Deployment Models
  6. Wrapping Things Up

With this guide in hand, you can improve your sales pitch and generate additional recurring revenue for your organization as part of our Cloud Reseller Program. It is the perfect tool to take your sales pitch to the next level. Stay tuned for additional in-depth articles diving into the nuances around selling cloud services to your clients.

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Jason is responsible for ensuring that each of our partners have the materials they need to offer cloud services to their clients. If you’re a partner and you’re interested in materials to help you better offer cloud services to your clients, drop Jason a line at 561-948-4046.