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Leveraging Service Provider Foundation in System Center 2012

Leveraging Service Provider Foundation in System Center 2012

By | April 8, 2013

This is the first of five blog posts dedicated to the ‘Big 5′ Initiatives that AwesomeCloud is rolling out in 2013. This blog post focuses on using the Service Provider Foundation (SPF) extensions in System Center 2012 in order to simplify operations for our partners and cloud resellers in addition to an Online Portal.

Microsoft System Center 2012

The forthcoming Online Portal is a direct result of the feedback we received from our partners. That feedback came from an informal survey we conducted at the end of 2012 in order to identify and prioritize product improvements. Our partners communicated that they want to spend more time growing their businesses and less time completing administrative tasks. Specifically, our partners told us that they don’t want to be locked into using multiple online portals and that they also want to manage their environment from within the tools they use today.

We’re addressing the feedback we have received by leveraging System Center 2012’s Service Provider Foundation (SPF) extension in order to enable hosted infrastructure management within:

  • A custom Online Portal our developers are building
  • System Center 2012’s Virtual Machine Manager client locally
  • System Center 2012’s App Controller
  • Windows Azure Services for Windows Server application
  • Industry standard RMM solutions

After we roll out the Online Portal during Q4 2013, workflows – such as generating quotes, provisioning services, and managing services, will seamlessly integrate into existing processes. This will provide you with the opportunity to dedicate more time to growing your Managed Services business.

For more information about the AwesomeCloud Online Portal, please click here, drop us a line or post a comment below. You can also follow us on Twitter by using the @awecloud handle. Stay tuned for more information about security upgrades, workload deployments, pricing, and private clouds.

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